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A strong market potential

The project’s catchment area regroups nearly 1.490.000 inhabitants including the seasonal customers.  The population grows here twice faster than the French average.  Nine million visitors are expected every year at Les Allées Shopping.

A key location in the north of Adour

In the north of Adour, where Les Allées Shopping is located:

  • the catchment area is equivalent population-wise to the city of Lyon
  • the commercial equipment is still not quite structured
  • the population growth is even stronger: 3 times the French average
  • urban expansion is sustained, particularly within the community of the Seignanx municipalities, where the project is situated


Also located in the north of Adour are:

  • the future economic zone of Seignanx (3.000 employees)
  • the port of Bayonne (3.500 employees)
  • the future TGV station.

The Bordeaux-Spain high speed line will take 60 minutes to reach Bordeaux from Bayonne and 1h50 from Bilbao.  Declaration of public utility scheduled for late 2014. Completion planned for 2027 for Dax and 2032 for Spain.