The commitments

Respect of the environment and energy performance

The Sodec group has signed the environmental charter of the Seignanx economic activities Park, thus committing itself on goals in the context of 15 action plans in relation to energy, biodiversity, risks and harmful effects, water management, waste, green spaces…

Les Allées Shopping of Bayonne-Ondres are aiming at the BREEAM certification and the BBC standard.  Particular attention is paid to the landscape integration, energy and rainwater management.

Creation of 1500 jobs

The creation of Les Allées Shopping will generate about 1,500 jobs, including 1,200 in the shopping centre (north segment), excluding the jobs created by the construction works, estimated at 600 the first year and 1,500 the second year.
All employers will comply with the agreements made by Sodec on signing the Employment and Training Charter of the Seignanx economic activities parks with the Employment pool Committee, the Landes’ general council and the community of the Seignanx municipalities.

Partnerships with the local traders associations

Two partnership agreements were signed respectively with Bayonne’s Trade and Craft Union (UCAB) and Daxatou, the association of Dax traders.  Their members will benefit of eased financial conditions subject to maintaining their current operation at least three years after they set up in Les Allées Shopping®.  The agreements also make provision for support to the sales events and to the promotion of trade of Dax and Bayonne city centres.