The Allées Shopping primary zone is home to 90,000 inhabitants, this is equivalent to the population of Avignon or Versailles. This area has been limited to the north of Adour where the Allées Shopping is unrivalled. This urban area is undergoing extensive development and is now inhabited by 85,000 inhabitants* and will be home to 90,000 by 2017. 3525 homes are planned to meet the housing demand. The global catchment area of Allées Shopping covers over 1 million inhabitants.


Exceptional growth in the number of inhabitants

The demographic data of the primary zone confirms that since the 90s, in the north of Adour, the population is growing at a steady rate of 1.8% per year (2% in the densest areas). This is the strongest growth rate in the Aquitaine region and it is approximately three times higher than the national average.  Insee predicts that by 2040 this trend will continue**.

Two million tourists

Allées Shopping is located in the heart of the south Landes area, which is where 47% of the county’s accommodation can be found. The tourist population is constantly evolving. Between 2012 and 2013, international custom increased by 5.4% and the number of nights spent in the area increased by 8.5% during the low season between September and March. Almost 50% of foreign customers are upper socio-professional categories and retirees***.

For Auchan, Allées Shopping represents €125 million


The 12,000 sq. m Auchan hypermarket project is very ambitious. The forecast sales figures, which have been confirmed several times, are €125 million in Auchan’s reference catchment area. For Allées Shopping, Auchan’s presence ensures a high number of visitors every day of the week.

An economic hub that stretches from the Port of Bayonne to the future business park in Seignanx

The Allées Shopping Primary Zone will be home to a large number of companies, namely the Port of Bayonne, which employs 3500 people and the future business park in Seignax, which is currently under construction and will create 3000 jobs****. Furthermore, 1400 jobs will be created at Allées Shopping.
Allées Shopping, benefits from the best location from which to attract people during their commute.


* Including holidaymaker inhabitant equivalents
** Source Insee 2012
*** Source: Landes county tourism committee.
**** Atlantique Pyrénées urban planning agency